Canada’s 150



“It’s so good to be home”

So, the festivity of Canada day long weekend came to an end and leading up to the day and on the day I have been reflecting on what it means to live in Canada and being Canadian.  To live and celebrate 150 years since confederation in a country where freedom and inclusion is deeply rooted in our DNA (i.e. culture) is amazing.  Though not my birth country, Canada have shaped my mind, perception, opinions and acceptance.

It is here that I started to question my humanity and asking myself: how do I know that, I am thinking that I am thinking? and what’s my purpose?  It’s here where I have met first love, experience heart breaks, disappointments, amazing opportunities, met life-long friends (even if we don’t see each other often) and experience the world with just one step outside my door.  Canada’s diversity has blessed me with the world’s cuisine, cultural festivals and a peak into cultures that seems foreign but is a part of the Canadian fabric.

Another love I have about my home among many is, we recognize and embrace each Canadians, no matter where we meet around the world.  We know each other by our love….yes; you will know us by our love and politeness.

Happy birthday Canada …..Yes I am still shouting happy Canada Day even though it’s 3 days after.


Until next time….walk good (be safe) ….and “whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile”


Photo by: toya_mo



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