SsSshhhh ….  Can You Handle It?

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“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak” Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Ah Yes! It’s the end of the work day and time to hit the road.  I buckled myself in and in the blink of an eye (as it seems), I am home.  Yes, I said home  ….how did that happen???  Well, this is how it all happened:  you buckled yourself in your car and as soon as you put the car in drive your mind start thinking at a pace that could out perform a top sprinter.  Usually these thoughts are negative or something that lives in the past.  They consume you to the point that you miss the view of the drive home, you miss the now, while somehow ending up in the present. Are you scratching your head yet about ending up in the present without travelling the journey? (I am). If you are scratching your head as I am, fear not! I bring you good news.   Yes, you can live in the present and quiet the mind or at least control it enough to find peace. The secret is MEDIATION (inhale slowly  ….and exhale ….doesn’t that feel good?).  But Toya! I can’t meditate, I have tried it and my mind is still racing with thoughts I am trying to shut out. You are not alone, I too have tried mediation and have fallen off the horse but I also experience some of its benefits.  The key thing to mediation is to keep practicing. If you want to become good at or the best at anything, you must put in the work and keep practicing.  “Practice makes Perfect” a quote I have heard throughout my childhood in my household.   

My meditation journey involves breaking up and making up; the benefits keeps me coming back.  But my problem is lack of consistency.   Research shows that to form or break a habit, it takes between 18 – 66 days. 


There are many benefits to mediating.  Here are 7 benefits of mediation that you can ponder about while joining me on a 21 day mediation challenge.

Benefits of Meditation

o   Enhances Self-Awareness

o   Improves Sleep

o   Increase Attention Span

o   Promotes Emotional Health

o   Reduces Stress

o   Control Anxiety

I will be joining Oprah & Deepak for 21 days of mediation on “Desire and Destiny”, please come along for the adventure and share your experience in the comment section.  It doesn’t take much to meditate:  Create a quiet spot or find a quiet place away from interruption and set your intention. 

Please sign up for “Desire and Destiny meditation @


Let’s Do this ….and take control of our minds.

Until next time   …walk good(be safe)  …..and “Whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile”


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