Check Point…. “I am a field of all Possibilities”


“Know Thy Self” Socrates


I went into this 21 day meditation thinking I am going to master the art of quieting my mind.  Hmm hum …well, that didn’t happen but I gain something else.  During each meditation my focus drifted off on different topics ….(what’s for breakfast?, who I should call back and other things that’s on my mind).  Throughout the 21 days of meditation, I found the art of forgiving myself.  Yes, your mind will still wonder off but you can shake it off and re-focus again.  In my Challenge blog, I noted that “Practice Make Perfect” and that quote still remain.  Each time my mind wonders off I didn’t get hard on myself, I forgave myself and get back on track.  I have heard a quote (yes I am sharing another quote…just don’t ask me where I heard it) that stated, “we never lose, we learn from each experience”.    But this depends on how you view each situation…..what are you speaking to yourself?   How open minded are you?  Are you thinking from a vantage point or a narrow view?


This 21 day meditation series was teaching me to forgive myself.  Wait a minute Toya!, the title of the meditation series is “Desire and Destiny”; yes that was the focus but I gain something else.  Maybe it’s what I needed to be able to tap into my desires and destiny.  In order for us to go after our desires or dreams, we can’t hold back.  Maybe self forgiveness is what is holding me back from my desires and destiny.  I listed some of the benefits of meditation in the previous blog and one of them was, ‘Self-awareness’.  Self-awareness improves one’s emotional intelligence.  It’s about understanding your needs, habits, desires, what makes you tick etc.  When you are self-aware, the better you are at making changes in your life.


My self-awareness during this 21 day meditation:  Self Forgiveness

…..If you participated in the “Desire and Destiny” mediation, what was your take away?


Until next time …walk good(be safe)  .….and “Whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile”


Photo by: D Morris



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