Is It Really? What’s The Catch?

“I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy”  Warren Buffett


Yes, there is a catch….but your bank/Pay Pal accounts and pockets will like this catch of the day, week, month or year.  The catch is Ebates.

Well, well, well….who doesn’t like to spend while getting cash back on each purchase?  I don’t know about you but I do….I doI do.  So, the other day, I sent some friends a link to get cash back.  Yes, cash back and I was surprise at some of the reactions (side eye).  When it comes to sharing ways to save or gain something of benefit, I am not one to keep it to myself.

With that said, I won’t keep you guys waiting… goes


Warning!!! The number 15 will become your new favourite number if it isn’t already.



How does EBATES work?

It’s very simple: Do all your online shopping through Ebates and on each purchase you earn cash back.  After each purchase you will get a notification on your cash back posted to your account if you have the app.

Every quarter Ebates will send you a cheque or deposit your cash back balance in your Paypal.



  • Membership is FREE!
  • You get cash back on every purchase; cash back range in percentage for each store. Example:  If your purchase was $300 and the cash back percentage is 7%, you will receive cash back of $24.

This might seem like a small amount but if you are like me, the consumer, you don’t just shop once per year.  These cash back will add up throughout the year and each quarter will bring you a nice catch (chi chi ching).

  • Over 2,000 of your favourite stores
  • Daily discount coupon to use on your purchases


Tools to maximize your cash back:

Ebates Cash Back Button

  •   Allows you to view your cash back balance
  •   Automatically applies promo codes upon check out
  •   Ability to search for your favourite stores and discovers new ones on your shopping trips

In Store Purchase Cash Back

  •   You need to link your credit card to your Ebates account and link the online discount to your cards.

Ebates Visa Card

  •   You earn an extra 3% cash back when you purchase through Ebates online at your favourite store
  •   Earn 1% cash back whenever you use the visa card
  •   No annual fee


What to look out for:

Sometimes your balance is not updated, if this is the case, notify Ebates via email and they will update the balance.

Payment Schedule:

4 time per year (Quarterly)

May 15August 15November 15February 15

Road to cash back…..


Until next time  …Walk good(be safe)  …..and “Whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile”


Photo is trademark of Ebates Inc.



3 thoughts on “Is It Really? What’s The Catch?

  1. I wonder how the price of each item compare to in store or other online stores. One has to wonder if they’re getting their OWN money back.


    1. Hello Milton,

      The prices are the same in store or online. The difference is, if you toggle through to your favourite retail store site you get cash back, if you go straight to the retail store website, you dont get cash back.


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